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PICList Thread
'Re Serial code'
1995\02\18@131547 by Bryan Crotaz

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I have a piece of code for reading and writing serial.
Clocked from the RTCC, written for 16C84, but should be easily
portable, as everything is done with #defines.
(Written for MPASM)
Anyone wanting it mail me direct.
If enough interest, I'll mail to the list.

One trick I use is to get a flag to go high for 1 second after
received word.  Done by decrementing counters in interrupt routine.

Baudrate is variable, as is no. of bits.
Works at present as one start bit, no stop bit., 1200 baud


Student Television Of Imperial College
Beit Quad, Prince Consort Road
London  SW7 2BB
Tel. 0171-594-8104
Fax. 0171-594-8065 Attn. STOIC { NOTE NEW FAX NUMBER }

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