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'Re : I2C SLAVE code'
1997\01\16@074014 by Werner Terreblanche

Paulo Figueiredo <spam_OUTpxicoTakeThisOuTspamIDITE-MINHO.PT> wrote:

> If anyone got some code to implement I2C slave, please e-mail me, or
> put some code on this post.

Take a look at Microcip application notes AN541 - Using a PIC16C5X as
a Smart I 2 COE Peripheral.  If you do not have it, I can email it to
you as an attachment.

This application note by  Don Lekei describes the implementation of
a standard slave device with multiple, bi-directional regis-ters. A
subset of the full I 2 C specification is supported, which can be
controlled by the same software which would talk to a Microchip
24LCXX series EEPROM.

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