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'Re[5]: reference card'
1997\02\19@180213 by Craig Knotts

    Good point.  As for myself, I think the only two-instruction pseudo-op
    that I use is the negf instruction.

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Subject: Re[4]: reference card
Author:  spam_OUTsfinkTakeThisOuTspamccmail.microchip.COM (Scott Fink) at Internet
Date:    2/19/97 2:20 PM

    I stand corrected.  I was looking at rev D, they decided to cave and
    put them back in rev E. But my main caution about knowing what they
    REALLY do stands.  Take for example:

    Psuedo OP:         Compiles to:
    ADDCF f,d          BTFSC 3,0
                       INCF  f,d

    In this case two instructions are compiled for one pseudo-op.  Again,
    using only the native instructions is the safest course.


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