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'Re[2]: Who gets the patent?'
1997\01\09@123927 by Craig Knotts

    OK, let me elaborate and clarify.

    I'm stating this from the US perspective, for whatever that is worth.

    If the originator of the Idea could have done all the work himself,
    but had a technician actually be the one to get his hands dirty, the
    patent belongs to the originator, and MAY include the technician as

    If the originator had the Idea, but was not competent to make it a
    working Invention without the aid of the technician or engineer or
    whoever did the work, then the patent should be shared between the

    disclaimer: this is my opinion only, and given without consulting our
    patent attourney :)

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Subject: Re: Who gets the patent?
Author:  spam_OUTrobertTakeThisOuTspamRDD.NECA.NEC.COM.AU at internet
Date:    1/8/97 6:19 PM


       This is far too strong a word.

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