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'Re[2]: Recommend Simulator'
1997\02\21@171354 by Craig Knotts

    I've been using the MPLAB editor.  Not perfect, but very convenient.

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Subject: Re: Recommend Simulator
Author:  Nishant Deshpande <spam_OUTnd4TakeThisOuTspamDOC.IC.AC.UK> at Internet
Date:    2/21/97 8:49 PM

hi all,

on the same subject - how about a good dos text editor to write code?

i think this thread was open some time ago when i first joined - i
don't remember the links...

please point me in to one to download.

(if this doesn't seem like a great discussion topic for the list mail me
in private)


nishant Deshpande
Incremental Sanity Erosion at Imperial College, London

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