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'Re[2]: Peltier Junction'
1997\04\21@024652 by Kurt Kuhlmann

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Subject: Re: Peltier Junction
Author:  Christopher Zguris <spam_OUTczgurisTakeThisOuTspamINTERPORT.NET> at Internet_Exchange
Date:    4/20/97 4:47 PM

At 12:22 PM 4/20/97 -0700, John Doe wrote:
>How cold can peltier junctions actually get...???

If memory serves, one of best practical applications I've heard for PJs is
on nuclear submarines for heating & cooling. Don't know the exact app - but
I've read PJs are used because they are compact and reliable. Obviously,
providing lots of power for a large PJ is not much of an issue on a nuclear sub.


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