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'Re[2]: Other MicroControllers (with C support)'
1997\03\20@125405 by Kurt Kuhlmann

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    The new Avocet compiler has floating point math for the PIC.  Free
    beta copy at:

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Subject: Re: Other MicroControllers
Author:  Werner Terreblanche <spam_OUTwterrebTakeThisOuTspamPLESSEY.CO.ZA> at Internet_Exchange
Date:    3/20/97 9:11 AM

Troy Powledge <.....tpowKILLspamspam@spam@ERAMP.NET> wrote:

> My question pertains to the use of other microcontrollers.
> Why is the MicroChip PIC controller so much better than other =
> controllers like ATMEL or ZILOG? Is there an application that would be
> better suited to one of the other manufacturers? I am kind of new to
> the microcontroller world and I see that there are quite a few =
> manufacturers. On what grounds do these companies compete? I really
> just want verification that I have gotten lucky and chosen the best
> controller out there. Thanks in advance, Troy Powledge


I do not neccessary think that the PIC microcontroller is
neccesarily the best microcontroller in general, but I like them
because you get such a wide variety all with different flavours
which makes them ideal for a large number of uses.  Also, as far as
cost is concerned they are fast, reliable, cheap, easy to use and
programming tools and compilers are readily available.   I use them
whenever the job is a reasonably small and easy to implement, or
whenever I really need the speed that a PIC can offer.

But for more complicated jobs I still prefer the 8051 or Atmel
microcontrollers.  The main reason is that I like to program in high
level languages likes C and the compilers you get for the 8051 type
of microcontrollers are miles ahead of the ones you get for the PIC.
To put this to a test, try finding a PIC C compilers that can do
floating point arithmetic.

Anyway, PIC micronontrollers are a good point to start, and depending
on you application it might just yet turn out the best choice for
you! : )


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