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'Re[2]: Code Portablilty ?'
1997\02\24@140822 by Craig Knotts

    Andy's got that one right.  At high volume, even a few cents per part
    adds up to a lot of money.  The company for which I work uses from
    Microchip mostly 16C54's and 16C57's.

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Subject: Re: Code Portablilty ?
Author:  Andy Kunz <spam_OUTmontanaTakeThisOuTspamFAST.NET> at Internet
Date:    2/23/97 4:53 PM

>Personally I belive the 16C54 series is obsolete. Anything you want to do
>with one of those parts is probably better served using either a 16C62X
>or a 16C55X part.

Nothing is obsolete until it is no longer needed.

>So my advise is not to take a step backwards to the 16C5X series. While they
>are great when you have simple tasks and need really inexpensive parts in
>volume, their limitations both in architecture and programming makes them
>unsuitable for hobby development.

Fortunately, Microchip tolerates the hobbyists, but puts its money where the
real market is - volume.

Andy Kunz - Montana Design - 409 S 6th St - Phillipsburg, NJ 08865
         Hardware & Software for Industry & R/C Hobbies
       "Go fast, turn right, and keep the wet side down!"

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