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'Undeliverable idiot'
1999\01\04@095021 by Tjaart van der Walt

Old morons never die - they also don't unsubscribe.

I have asked this guy plenty times to unsubscribe,
but he is ignoring all mail.

I have just tried to fool the server - maybe we are
lucky, and this idiot will go away like a bad smell...

Feel free to email him, or his wife :

Gary Speas:
Rita Speas:

They should have called their company "Spastic", not
"Spastech". If their producrts are anything like
their net manners, they're doomed...
Friendly Regards          /"\
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1999\01\04@180341 by Mark Willis

I asked Jory to kill 'em, folks.  (Thought he already had killed off
this one;  Maybe it's someone who re-subscribed?!)


Tjaart van der Walt wrote:
{Quote hidden}

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