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'I2C ???????'
1998\11\28@103617 by Goovaerts

Finally I have found how to send messages in plain text, so here is my
message again. For those who have read it already, I'm sorry !!

Could anybody send me the software for the I2C routines in assembler for a
PIC16C63 !! Master Mode!!!!!!!!
There are two ways to program the I2C possibilities of the PIC : one by
using the SSP module and another one without using the SSP module. If
possible could you send me both.

The main questions are :

Can I use the SSP-module of the PIC16C63 to be the single master of a fully
implemented I2C-bus (this means a bus with many slaves !!) If yes, when I
move a byte to the register SSPBUF will it be send to the I2C bus without
writing any software for it ??

When I can't use the SSP module, is there anybody who can give me the source
code for the I2C routines ?? Or give me some clues !!

Can somebody help me please, its very urgent !!

Greetings from Glenn Goovaerts from Belgium

1998\11\28@105306 by Richard Katezansky

The SSP module does not fully implement Master Mode in hardware.

By the way there are 2 ap-notes on the Microchip site relating to I2C
on midrange PICs.  Go to this URL:

Then have a look at AN554 and AN578.

At 04:33 PM 11/28/98 +0100, you wrote:
{Quote hidden}

Richard Katezansky
Tangent Electronics Ltd.
Montreal, Canada

1998\11\28@183349 by Gerhard Fiedler

picon face
At 10:52 11/28/98 -0500, Richard Katezansky wrote:
>The SSP module does not fully implement Master Mode in hardware.

that sounds like a microchip commercial :-)  as far as i see it, they don't
implement =anything= of master mode (especially single master), you have to
do everything down to the lowest level of bit banging for the SCL and SDA
lines ...

>Then have a look at AN554 and AN578.

... as described in an578.

does anybody have real-life experience with the code in an578? can i take
it, adapt the addresses, and expect it to work?


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