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'Email from a pic'
1998\10\07@212329 by Robert & Susan Hoar
1998\10\07@223135 by Stephen Holland
1998\10\08@120351 by blacet
1998\10\08@221129 by Robert & Susan Hoar
1998\10\29@064851 by Chris Mayhew

'Email from a pic'
1998\12\31@152439 by chuck

'EMAIL from a PIC'
2000\04\21@214205 by Peter
2000\04\22@023658 by Sebastian Garcia
2000\04\22@104414 by Dale Botkin
2000\04\22@124245 by Byron A Jeff
2000\04\22@140419 by Craig Gardner
2000\04\22@142123 by James Michael Newton
2000\04\22@161324 by William Chops Westfield
2000\04\22@181716 by Brian Gracia
2000\04\23@122756 by Byron A Jeff
2000\04\23@130948 by Richard Beales

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