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'[PIC]: PIC 16F84A Self-Destruction'
2001\10\10@012949 by Ned Konz

>  At 02:45 PM 10/8/01 +1000, Jonathan Luthje wrote:
> >G'day all,
> >     I have a question relating to the 16F84A processor - basically all
> > I'm doing is switching on and off a couple of relays via a 1.6mA base
> > current to
> >a pair of BF246 NPN transistors. There are 3 pins (RB0,1,2) set to output
> > - the rest are set to input, some tied high, some tied low, all via 2k0
> > resistors, all unused pins are tied together, set to input and tied to
> > ground via a 2k0 resistor. I have regulated and filtered 6vdc supply
> > rails powering the thing.

I tried to look up BF246 but all I could find was a N-channel JFET of the
same name. I couldn't imagine that you were using a JFET to run relays with...

Anyway, have you tested the transistors for shorts when the problem happens?

Do you have diodes or snubbers across your relay coils?

Ned Konz
currently: Stanwood, WA

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