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PICList Thread
'RIP Dawn Elizabeth Payson 29-Mar-1999'
1999\04\05@121951 by John Payson

My beloved wife died suddenly last Monday of natural causes.  Although
we were not even married six months, the two of us shared a lifetime of
happiness and we are without a doubt the best thing that ever happened
to each other.

Although my wife has died, she has also risen; her comfortine presence
will guide me through this new chapter of my life.  I hope that I can
honor her memory.

 Dawn Elizabeth Payson
 Born: May 16, 1971
 Found true love: February 5, 1998
 Engaged: June 5, 1998
 Married: October 11, 1998
 Died: March 29, 1999

May the road rise to meet you;
may the wind be always at your back.
The sun shines warm upon your face;
the rains fall soft upon your fields.
Until we meet again
 may God hold you in the palm of His Hands.
May the LORD bless you and keep you.
May the LORD make his face to shine upon you
 and give you piece.

1999\04\05@123612 by hmiller

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John Payson wrote:
> My beloved wife died suddenly last Monday of natural causes....

John, that was beautiful, and a tribute to both you and your wife. My


1999\04\05@143130 by MIADsgns

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My condolences.


1999\04\05@165938 by Eric Oliver


When I was young, my selfishness was only surpassed by my urgency.  Of
late, I find myself fascinated by the human experience.  I find I can no
longer tell where I end and my loved ones begin. I want you to know that my
thoughts are with you this day.


{Original Message removed}

1999\04\06@002442 by Kevin Fisk


Although we have not met I count many of the people on this list as my
friends. Please accept my family's humblest condolences and know that our
thoughts are with you.


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1999\04\06@062639 by Tom Handley

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  John, human language fails us at times like this. I don't belong to any
particular religion but I believe in God and I have absolutely no doubt that
he has wonderful things in store for us when we take leave of this planet. I
think this is kind of like kindergarten and your wife has moved on to first
grade. You two will be together again and will enjoy each other's company in
loving service to God, and all his creation, throughout Eternity.

  I'm reminded of an old song about footprints in the sand. As this man
goes through life, he could always see his footprints and another's that he
knew to be God's. One day great tragedy befell him and he could only see one
set of footprints. He cried out "God, why have you abandoned me in my hour
of need?". God replied "You are one of my children and I love you. I would
never abandon you. Those times when you saw only one set of footprints were
the times that I was carrying you".

  May God carry you through these difficult times.

  - Tom

At 10:35 AM 4/5/99 -0500, John Payson wrote:
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1999\04\06@092502 by Walter Banks

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Remember the good times.

My sincerest condolences.

Walter Banks

1999\04\06@111037 by Jim Robertson

At 10:35 5/04/99 -0500, you wrote:


I was genuinely saddened to hear of your great lost. You have supported
piclisters for years now, I hope in this sad occasion you can feel supported
by us piclisters in return.

May you rest in the arms of your faith and Dawn's love forever.


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1999\04\06@114411 by Brian Kassel


 May I say that I also lost my wife 12 years ago at age 33.  She was a
cancer patient and lived for 3 years after diagnosis, fully 2 of those
years in the hospital. Almost 1 million dollars were spent in a effort
to cure her.  Not a day goes by that I don't miss her.  The hurt was
overwhelming at first, but gradually faded away.  I know that will be
true in your case as well. My most sincere condolences.

 I have since re-married, am very, very happy and have tried to grow
from the experience. Incidentally, my second wife had her husband die of
cancer as well at age 31.  It happens. May your hurt diminish as your
life goes on, trust me, it *WILL* get better my friend.

Brian Kassel W5VBO
Near Phoenix AZ.

1999\04\06@172911 by John Payson

|OT or not, the following message is the most flagrant expression of
|inhumanity and misantrhopic mind-set that I have ever seen!
|This "individual" should be banned permanently from this list.

|> PTM: Are you damned idiot serious !!?!
|> This posting of yours was the single most idiotic thing you could do to
|> memorize your wife.

I for one was wondering how long it would be before someone
accused me of being off-topic for that posting.  My wife,
with her quirky sense of humor, would probably have been
pondering the same thing.

Perhaps I should have mentioned that my wife found my work
fascinating and had asked me to teach her electronics and
programming.  Then my message would have been more clearly
PIC-related, as it would have related the loss of a poten-
tial PIC programming genious.

I do thank all those who took the time to write and express
their condolences.  My posting on the PIC list was not an
effort to memorialize my wife (I'm hoping to do so in other
ways), but given the number of 'friends' here, I thought it
appropriate to at least let people know about it.

The replies by people who posted to the list (rather than
e-mailing me directly) were off-topic, and given the cir-
cumstances direct e-mail would have been more appropriate,
but the reply-to-list vs reply-to-sender mistake is an easy
one to make and I'm not going to begrude that of anyone.

As for myself, I'm getting back to work though it's a bit
hard when I've got 20 million thoughts of other stuff going
through my mind (e.g. possible techniques of casting a bronze
grave marker since the ones with fastened-on lettering don't
seem as lasting, how to organize a memorial web site, etc.)
Grief is for me not too much of a problem, since this is just
the start of a new chapter in my life.  I liked the previous
one *MUCH* better, but

 I don't curse what I can't change;
   I just play the hand I'm dealt.
 When they lighten up the rations,
   I tighten up my belt.
 I won't say I've never felt the pain,
 but I am not a stranger to the rain.

       - from _Children_of_Eden_ by Stephen Schwartz

1999\04\06@181957 by DAZLOGAN

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What - The - Bloody - Hell is all this about ?

Get a grip people.

1999\04\06@200905 by Tom Handley

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At 04:29 PM 4/6/99 -0500, John Payson wrote:
>I for one was wondering how long it would be before someone
>accused me of being off-topic for that posting.  My wife,
>with her quirky sense of humor, would probably have been
>pondering the same thing.

  John, you certainly don't need to respond to such trash. You have
been a valuable member of this group for several years. Most of the
[OT} complaints I've seen are from new members that have no idea how
valuable this list is. For those of us who have been here for several
years, it's like a family. Though many of us have not met, it still
seems like we are old friends. Your desire and courage to share with
us the loss of your wife demonstrates this and, as you have noted, you
have many friends here.

  I'm getting real fed up with the [OT] complaints. If one designs an
embedded controller, then you will deal with a variety of issues. This
will lead to topics ranging from soil acidity to thermal stress of SOIC
packages to Solar compost heaps to thermocouple cold-junction compensation
to an auto grain feeder for horses that needs to count the gains in bright
sunlight and it is all related to the scope of this group. Then there is
the fact that we are humans... If we go off topic for humor or other
reasons, that should be allowed to run it's course. All of us have a DEL
key and most mail programs allow you to sort topics by subject.

  And to Jory and Mark, be slow to remove folks from this list. Those
that get extreme will probably fade due to lack of response. Back in the
80's I started one of the first and largest Amiga BBS with several
hundered callers from around the planet (Northwest Amiga Group - NAG).
Then I went on to McGraw-Hill's Byte Information Exchange (BIX) as a
paid moderator with folks from around the planet. I moderated vendor and
closed developer discussions. I recommend that you give folks a long
rope before you `yank' them... In many cases, they will realize their
errors and will join the community as productive citizens. If not, well
you got the rope...

  - Tom

1999\04\06@200911 by andrew abken

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John Payson,

  I am sorry for your loss my friend. I am engaged to
be married in may, and I dont know what I would do if
I lost her.

 Hey, dont listen to the cabbage head either:)

I will keep you both in my prayers.

deepest sympathy,

{Quote hidden}

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1999\04\07@120123 by Dave VanHorn

All the human beings on the list are with you.
What can one say at a time like this?
Cherish your memories of her, that's all we ever really have in the

1999\04\07@131939 by Ray Gardiner

My sincere condolences John, in times of great stress you
need all the moral and emotional support you can get.
I think the thoughts all of those on this list are with

The brilliant code examples you selflessly shared
with all of us have earned respect and admiration
over the years. I hope that we can provide you with
a little bit of moral support to help in return.

Take care,
Ray Gardiner

1999\04\07@214718 by Myke Predko

My family and I wish to give our condolences as well John.  Your loss is a
terrible thing that nobody should have to endure.

Our best wishes for you,


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