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'RF source!'
1998\03\23@103753 by Mark Lezama

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1998\03\23@233145 by Russell McMahon

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From: Mark Lezama <spam_OUTmfidelTakeThisOuTspamTELCEL.NET.VE>

>Any one know a good RF designe source?, I new in this and I
want to know
>some circuits that can I use with my PIC designes.

There are many books around on RF cicruits and designs -
ARRL publish an annual
handbook and your library will probably have various
"cookbooks". However, if you want to know about the DESIGN
part, the best book I have ever seen is "RF Circuit Design"
published by SAMS. I have not formed a particularly high
opinion of the average SAMS publication over the years but
this one is superb. My version is dated 1986 but I imagine
SAMS or Amazon could assist. The back cover says it was
worth $US22.95 back then (more over here) - it would be a
bargain at that price.

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