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'RE(2): How to embedd config fuses into PIC.'
1999\01\14@121400 by Steven Kosmerchock

Thanks buddy!!! You hit the nail on the head so to speak. I put in a second
underscore and it works perfectly!!! I would also like to thank Nigel Orr and
Quentin for responding. I posted it to the list so just in case somebody is "afr
to post such a beginners question, don't be! Thanks alot, you people are great!

Best regards,

Steven Kosmerchock
Engineering Technician/Student
Phoenix   Arizona   USA

> _config      _XT_OSC &  _PWRTE_ON & _CP_OFF & _WDT_OFF

       you need to use two underscores before the 'config'
       and it'll work. MPASM is perhaps interpreting
       '_config' as a label, hence the error.

- Andy.

Andrew David, Software Manager, Ultronics Ltd, Cheltenham.

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