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'RB4-RB7 Interrupt Blues!'
1998\12\25@224341 by Aaron Hickman

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       To save my sanity, I desperately need some guidance from any of
you PIC guru's out there!  In an effort to transmit data via RF modules,
I am attempting to write some code that transmits/receives manchester
encoded data.  On the receiving side I am using a combination of TMR0,
RB0 INT and RB interrupt on change features.  I am unable to get the RB
interupt on change INT's to work.  I have checked all the obvious errors,
ie. making sure the PORTB is read just prior to expected transition on
pin, actually turning on RBIE and GIE, etc.
       Looking at the code from the simulator's perspective, all is
cool.  When I set the RBIF flag, the interrupt is seen and the proper
jump is executed.  However, when I drop the chip in the circuit, and look
at the execution using a scope (I use a free PORTB pin to indicate code
progrss), I can see that the pin never catches the changing slope and
ends up timing out via the TMR0 interrupt.
       I would greatly appreciate any suggestions or guidance from any
kind soul out there, as I would like to nail this coffin shut and enjoy
the holidays while school is out.

Merry Christmas,


1998\12\26@000823 by Vadim Jakunin

Regard, Aaron!
send piece of the code ( processing the interruptions ).
Try to understand.


{Original Message removed}

1998\12\26@025231 by Eric Borcherding

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Don't know if this will help but doesn't the Int on Change feature actually
may be
compiled (if your using C) into whether it is H to L or L to H?   In the Case
Manchester you will need to be able to have you Int Service Routine be able to
react within 1 to the Next Manchester transistion.   If you do not you INTs
will not
be logged.   Whae Speed of Manchester - this can hit in low MHz?   If so I
most PICS less the 17C42 and like could support the timing.

Eric Borcherding

1998\12\26@135017 by Eric Naus

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Check out my homepage. My serial routine uses  interrupts and it may help.

The source code is documented.

Hope it helps, let me know


1998\12\28@091001 by Vadim Jakunin

-----Original Message-----
From:   Eric Naus [SMTP:.....bineKILLspamspam@spam@IDIRECT.COM]
Sent:   Saturday, December 26, 1998 8:46 PM
Subject:        Re: RB4-RB7 Interrupt Blues!

Check out my homepage. My serial routine uses  interrupts and it may help.

The source code is documented.

Hope it helps, let me know


hi, Eric!

I has looked your program,
after the interruption on rb0 I throw inte,intf, programme a timer for a
necessary time (first 1/2 lengths of bit, then for a time of the bit) and
raise gie. So I during waiting an interruption from the timer can else work
with interruptions from rb4-7 and else execute a main code. Herewith high
priority must be beside int_tmr0 (here it is impossible raise gie to when
processing a receiving a bit not to skip this bit), then int_rb0, then
int_rb47. After receiving a byte needed to allow inte. If int_rb0 was not,
possible reprogramm tmr0 and use for other tasks. Herewith high priority
must have int_rb0.
Anyone will understand all this after the translation?

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