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'R: Re: More RS232 to PIC questions'
1999\04\08@090020 by Leonardo De Palo

Hi Wagner,

also I'm an ex IBM man in Italy.  I have been worket from '74 to '83
starting with punch card and ending with 4341 accrossing between 3271/2/4,
3704/5, IOP for 370/115-125, 3420 and 3330/40/5070/80. (Rethinking at this
machine type/model my heath is in emotion)

I have been alwais in trouble when decide to manage the RS232 criteria, and
when i really needed to manage the data flow, I only the DTR.

Could you please send me the time chart?


Leonardo De Palo

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Da: Wagner Lipnharski <.....wagnerlKILLspamspam@spam@EARTHLINK.NET>
Data: gioved“ 8 aprile 1999 2.47
Oggetto: Re: More RS232 to PIC questions

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>> and DSR when it is ready to receive.
>> Note that the signal names make sense only as viewed by the DTE (eg: pin
2 is
>> called "TD" even though DTE asserts it and DCE receives it). Thus the
name of
>> a pin isn't enough to tell you if its an input or output ... you also
need to
>> know whether the device thinks its a DTE or DCE.

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