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PICList Thread
1997\02\02@123136 by, Gr.

Hello again,
     This time i have a project for getting the best reception from
various TV stations using a single anntena. I was thinking of using a
Pic to do this automaticly. This is for people who installing TV
anntenas and they will rotate it manually. The Tv channel's will be
pre-set by a single tuner and a multiplexer or 4-5 tuners one for each
station.  The pic will identify the best reception by showing a scale of
10 on a LED-display for each station.
    Is there a ready one in the market?
    Did somebody did it with a PIC or in a different way?
If anyone can help or sujest something, email it to me.
    Thank you for your time.

    Farzin Amir Kalali
    Computer Engineer

1997\04\01@154016 by David R Gangaware
Hello to all on the list!

       I am a senior at Wilkes University working on a materials engineering
project that will use a PIC 16C74A.  Unfortunately, being a MaE major,
programming the PIC has been a problem.  I would like to know if anyone has
any prior experiance programming this microcontroller, and would be able to
       I am in need of  program to do the following:

       Read in 5 different signals (one at a time..ranging from 1-2 volts),
sending this signal through the built in a/d, making a comparison to a set
point (volts),
then determining from that comparison, what type of output signal will go
to the output.

We have five seperate inputs.....and five seperate outputs..
Need to store the set point voltage somewhere for comparisons...
May have to use a predetermined equation to calucate times, etc.

If you may be able to help, or would have some code available, please
contact me at

Also, if you would need more detailed information, please let me know....
Thank you!!!!

Dave Gangaware
Wilkes University

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