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'Programmer advice'
1997\03\22@155948 by James and Iliana

Hello all,
       I hope all is well on this perfect spring day !!
       My brother just recieved an EEPROM/MICROCONTROLLER programmer by the nam
of VARIX Omni-Programmer Model SP 0300. Does anyone have experience with
this programmer ?? I have completed a web search on VARIX without success.
I'm wondering what type of devices it can program and what type of software
does it take ? It has 3 sockets, 24 pin, 28 pin and 48 pin. A DB-25
connector on the rear and a few LEDs on the front panel ( Power, Connected,
Programming and Error ). The previous owner told me it is an old unit and
he no longer has any of the software or docs. My intended use for it is to
program PICs.
       Thanks for taking the time to read this post.

James and Iliana
Automotive Technician
Electronics Hobbyist
Software Engineer
Austin, Texas

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