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'Programmer Adapter (Was: Re: [PIC]: FREE PIC prog'
2003\06\02@191601 by Michael Davidson

>> - Is there a design (schematics) for a 12F6xx adapter available ?
>You can use the pins above to make any adapter you want.  I made a quick
>and dirty adapter by putting a 14 pin DIP socket into the ZIF socket, then
>soldering wires from there to an 8 pin DIP socket for programming a
>12F6xx.  The connections are:
>  Name   ZIF socket   14 pin DIP socket in ZIF   8 pin socket
>   Vpp            4                          4              4
>   GND            5                          5              8
>   Vdd           36                         10              1
>   PGC           39                         13              6
>   PGD           40                         14              7

On the subject of adapters. Has anyone used a JDM/Ludipipo programmer (Mine's
an18 pin version put designed by Silicon Chip and sold by Dick Smith
Electronics in Australia) to program a 40 pin PIC ? In my case, a an 18F452?

I've been using a breadboard and jumper kit to make the following

Name      18 Pin      40 Pin
MCLR      4          1
VSS       5          12 & 31
Clock     12          39
Data      13          40
VDD      14          11 & 32
OSC1      15          13
OSC2      16           14

Attempting to use IC-Prog set to program an 18F452. However it chews up 100%
CPU and takes about 5 - 10 minutes to program (over a serial connector). And
at the end of it, after another 10 minutes at 100% CPU, it reads back empty
(Code protection is off).

Is it possible to program the 18F in such a way? Am I missing some
connections? I'm after a "no extra parts" programmer (for lack of a better
term) until I pick up a new programmer.

"I went to the hardware store and bought some used paint.  It was in
the shape of a house.  I also bought some batteries, but they weren't
               -- Steven Wright

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