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'Production failure, Was Re: ??? high temperature P'
1998\02\08@053817 by Morgan Olsson

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>Also, in a typical consumer electronic device (take a
>microwave oven, TV, or clock, for example), is the initial failure rate
>less than 99.99% ??!

If the design consist of 1000 components, and 0,01 percent are defective,
then there is 10% chance that the complate unit is defective.

(Well actually a little less, since more than one defective compinent can
be in the same unit, but let«s leave it for statistical math lessons...)

Add to that that some ppm of the solderings are defective, PCB errors,
other assembly error, transportation damages etc...

That«s one big reason to build in modules and test modules before product
assembly. Especially as some errors may damage other parts, like an error
in power supply unit...

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