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'Processor choice'
1998\11\06@151723 by Mike Morrin

I am about to embark on my first PIC design.

For the application, I estimate that I need 12 I/O lines, 128 bytes of RAM,
and 1K words of ROM.  There is no need for EEROM or A/D.  Lets say we are
targetting a run of 10,000 units.  Cost +/-$1 is not an issue.

It seems that the applicable PIC families are PIC16C558, PIC16C622 and

Have I missed any?

Any advice on which of these families to choose?



1998\11\11@161942 by steve

> targetting a run of 10,000 units.  Cost +/-$1 is not an issue.

I wish I could get a spec like this. If you go for the cheaper part,
can I have the $10,000 left over ?



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TLA Microsystems Ltd         Microcontroller Specialists
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Auckland, New Zealand        ph  +64 9 820-2221
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