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'Picstart - MPLAB Bug'
1999\08\03@025947 by Eric Strauts

Just upgraded my Picstart Plus to firmware version 2.01.00 so I could
program the new PIC16F877 parts. I only wanted to program the first
1k of the chip with a short program using MPLAB 4.12 but the Picstart
insists on programming the entire thing which takes a few minutes.

The Verify button in the programmer window is supposed to allow you
to select programming options before starting but it seems to just
skip right to programming with whatever defaults are there.

Is this a bug? Anyone else have this problem?

Eric Strauts

| Eric Strauts                          |
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| Park Ridge, IL 60068                  |
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1999\08\03@204533 by Jim Robertson

At 01:43 3/08/99 -0500, you wrote:

You can always select the device as a 16F874. This will halve the programming
time if you cannot get the ranging feature to work.


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Jim Robertson
MPLAB compatible PIC programmers.

1999\08\03@221640 by Michael Barker


If you select "Program/Verify" from the Picstart Plus menu, it will bring up
the Program/Verify window, which you can enter the start and end
addresses to be programmed.  You can also select the other check boxes,
i.e. configuration bits, calibration memory, etc.

Hope this helps,

Michael Barker
Student, Computer Engineering
Rochester Institute of Technology

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