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'PicWriter SW update'
1999\06\17@094322 by Jerry Merrill

I was recently made aware that we had not updated our web pages or
announced the availability of our PicWriter SW update and the bug fixes it

We have been shipping the new version for a couple of weeks but I failed to
OK the new web pages so they fell into the bit-bucket.

You can now download  Version 1.01 of PicWrite from our web pages. This
works with your Parallax-to-PicWriter upgrade kits or with our PicWriter

Jerry Merrill
FAX: (972) 494-5814
VOICE:(972) 272-9392
PO Box 462101
Garland,  TX  75046-2101

1999\06\17@103245 by Andy Kunz

You might also add an ability to selectively display registers in the
Special Regs window in TDE.


  Andy Kunz - -
          Life is what we do to prepare for Eternity

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