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1999\04\13@202639 by Tony Nixon

picon face
Hi all,

I just thought I announce that the PicNPro programmer and Real World
Port Interface is now available as a kit and comes complete with the
PicNPoke beginners software. I've provided a 16C74-JW chip to allow easy
upgrades or you can use it for other experiments. You can do this
because PicNPro can reverse itself and use a 16F84 to program the 16C74
if you need to. You can even program the 16F84 without the 16C74.

Also included is MiniPro, which is an In Circuit Programmable
experimenters project based on the 16F84, and plugs into a solderless
breadboard. (Get that 1st LED flash circuit built and running in 2

MiniPro also has a pot on board that interfaces to the PicNPoke
simulator to play around with A2D concepts.

Two small additional PCBs allow 16C5X 12 bit programming.

Another mini PCB provides an easy connection to a solderless bread board
so that both the PicNPoke and PicNPlay simulators have access to real
electronics to experiment with.

All these boards connect via a simple interchangeable IDC connector.

Plus, you get the source code for the programmer, and mail orders get a
free 16F84 thrown in.

Best regards


PicNPoke - Multimedia 16F84 Beginners PIC Tools.

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