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PICList Thread
1998\03\06@014811 by Don McKenzie

Most of you would have seen Tony Nixon's messages on the Piclist over
the last year or two. I know he may have a problem with blowing his own
trumpet in this open forum, but it's time everyone on this list was
aware of his achievments with his PicNPoke product.

Sure, I feel like a mechanical running duck, flipping from side to side
at a side show shooting gallery when I pop up on the list, and there is
never a shortage of 'shooters'. Yes I do sell PicNPoke, so stone me!!!
(Any women stoners in the crowd?) (L.O.B. Circa-1980?) :-)

Tony was someone I found on the Piclist, and he lives just 20 miles from

Please visit:

This is one message about PicNPoke from a user just yesterday:

I have learned so much about Microcontrollers through your program that
I wanted to be sure that you knew that as far as I'm concerned, the
program has already paid for itself. That thing is awesome.

Having ascended (decended?) to a masters level education, I'd have to
say that that was the best learning tool I've ever used. As a Biology
Undergrad (BA, Boston University) I always wondered where the "videos"
were. Why are the visual learning tools so lame? Even at the college

This thing is more than a tool for learning the PIC16F84, Its a Damned
Prototype for future learning tools to come, with its incredibly Awesome
user interface to its downright helpful help files......its a damned
book AND a program. Simple as hell to use and requires hardly any effort
to master the program so that your able to get on with the ( fun)
learning! Did you invent this style? I've never seen anything like it.
Then again I didn't grow up with computers in the classroom.

And as for the compiler, That things Done, turn it into the microchip
standard programmer before someone steals it, oh if you do, send me some
Or DOUGH if you know what I mean. Was it subsidised? I know, now I'm
getting too personal.

Either I'm naive, or your a Genius. Don't be a fool and patent this
thing ... NOW!

EXCELLENT! you damned genius you

Very Sincerely, Jeff

Don McKenzie

Don's Download Dungeon
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