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'PicNPlay - DogBoneZ'
1998\03\25@210438 by TONY NIXON 54964

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Hi all,

As microcontroller programming can be a serious subject, I've included
another component called DogBoneZ to the PicNPlay circuit simulator
which might add some fun.

It provides a budding programmer with the challenge of trying to get
a dog to find his way through a maze to find a bone. It looks
simple at first glance, but you need to write your own software to
accomplish this, and to stop a bit of cheating, the dog and the bone
appear at different locations on start up. To make it more challenging
you can bump into the maze walls only if you are moving across new
ground. If you backtrack and hit a wall, then you lose. As well as
moving the dog around you can read data that is generated from the
maze component to avoid errors.

I imagine if a newcomer manages to win the game, then he/she is well on
the way to writing software.


Tony :-)

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