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'Pic microcontroller source'
1997\02\21@173650 by Kieran Sullivan


I can supply PIC Microcontrollers in the UK for what I think is a good
price. The prices here are in UK pounds sterling, include VAT (I am NOT VAT
registered, but I have paid the VAT on these things already). They also
include P&P within the UK if you order 5 or more at a time, otherwise the
P&P will be at cost price. Here is a sample of the prices:
PIC16C84-10P   4.99
PIC16C84-04P   4.71
PIC16F84-10P   4.25
PIC16F84-04P   3.97   though I don't have any of these in stock (hard to

I should also be able to supply xtals, caps, etc to build PIC projects.
Contact me with requirements. I am not intending to make a profit from
selling any components so if there is enough interest, the prices should
become slightly lower if I can place very large quantity orders.

Kieran Sullivan

1997\02\24@042602 by mike

picon face

Second blatant advertising message in as many weeks. Is it going
to be a regular advert?

FWIW, I pay about 2.20 for the C84-04P from my distributor for
quantities well under 100 UKP.


Mike Watson

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Mayes uk

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