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'Pic 622 osc woes !!'
1997\04\11@074316 by Robert Drake

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HI All
Can anyone explain why my 622 osc can not be seen on a scope. Running
the 622 at 500hz I can see quite well my osc running, put the 4MHz osc
and nothing, although it appears that the chip runs as it sedns a test
message. Ionly thing i see is a sine/square wave of about 0.1vp-p at the
osc frequency. Other pics can be displayed fine at this frequency, why
not the 622?
Also hasi remember a while back mention of pulling the osc caps to 5v
instead of 0V how reliable is this ? what side effects occur?

Robert Drake
PS. Im not on the list, because our mail system can't handle "traffic" :-(,
replys direct would be greatly appricated.

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