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'Pic 16c84 propeller clock now simulates an analog '
1998\01\11@052419 by Luberth

New Interesting PIC 16C84 Controlled Clock Now Simulate's an Analog
or scrolling text messages


I made another propeller clock based on Bob Blick's idea
This time it could simulate an analog clock
it also can do the digital version of the clock
or scrolling text messages
if your interested you could take a look at
my experimental pages with pictures of the clock

adres:  <A


adres:  <A HREF=""></A>

and use the link on that page

Bye, Luberth

1998\01\13@111507 by Keith Howell

Congratulations on a creating a truly magnificent icon of nerdmanship!

No really, I love it. I thought my solar-powered propeller beanie
concept would make me a geek amongst geeks, but that kind of clock
could be left upon my parent's mantelpiece to advertise their
son's cringing technogeekiness to any visitors they invite.
I mean, you can't ignore it whirring noisily away.

But wait! I've an idea, and its as hot as my pants!
Why not combine the two ideas into a head-mounted
propeller-beanie clock? The LED-bearing arms of your clock
hang down in front of the wearers eye's, indicating the time,
and scrolling text.

As a bonus, it would deter/swat most insects, and attract
fireflies to enhance your light show.

I've always thought that there is some sign above me (visible
only to women) saying "this person is an engineer, do not
date!" With the headware described above, I can display
any message I like! This could be the biggest thing since
pheromone sprays! Race you all to the patent office!

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