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'PORTB interrupt on change vs TMR0 interrupt'
1998\12\23@215754 by Aaron Hickman

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To All,

       I have fiddled with my code for nearly 5 hours in search of any
possible bugs.  So far as I can tell, having run it through the simulator
several times, there are none.  I am trying to decode manchester encoded
data.  To detect the slopes, I am using the PORTB interrupt on change
featur.  Simultaneously, I am using the TMR0 interrupt to "time-out" if
no slopes are detected within reasonable times.  Is there a problem using
the two interrupt sources simultaneously?  Any suggestion?

Merry Christmas,

Aaron Hickman

1998\12\24@031120 by Vadim Jakunin

Hi, Aaron,

Beg Pardon for english - not my native language.

possible do so:

       org     4
       jb      intf,intrb0
           jb  t0if,inttmr0
           jb  rbif,intrb47


intrb0  clrb    intf
       clrb    inte
       setb    gie

intrb47         .......

inttmr0 .......

after <org 4> order of branching is defined by the priority of
When-that I used such method in the petrol-station controller for
consequent acceptance on rb0 pic84.
Start bit caused an interruption intrb0, then <clrb inte>, was then
programmed timer for a necessary time, on the interruption inttmr0 was read
bit, and so on.
After receiving a last bit again <setb inte>. Herewith on rb4-rb7 came
pulses with 4-h sensors,which caused intrb47, but they could wait.
Merry Christmas,
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