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'PIP-02 Programmer -Reply'
1999\04\05@204204 by Chuen Ming Tan


Can I know which issue of Elektor magazine features the PIP-02
magazine? I would like to have a look at it.

Who owns PIP-02? Is it freely avaliable on the internet? Any info
regarding PIP-02 on the net will be helpful.


>>> WF AUTOMACAO <spam_OUTwfTakeThisOuTspamAMBIENTE.COM.BR> 6/April/1999 03:25am
Lalakis Parafyadas wrote:
> Hi there! I want to use the PIP-02 programmer. I found it in an Internet
site but I can't make it work! To be exact when I load the
program, all menus are acti
{Quote hidden}

I use PIP02 with the COM84 drivers! Works very well! The circuit i got on
ELEKTOR MAGAZINE. The circuit is for serial port.


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