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PICList Thread
1997\03\25@063753 by David BALDWIN


       I am using PIP-02 with David Tait like hardware. It works very nicely,
but I am boring always have to specify the processor, the directory,
etc... Is there any way to have a config file? Thanks for information.


1997\03\25@072150 by Dennis Frost

>         I am using PIP-02 with David Tait like hardware. It works very
> but I am boring always have to specify the processor, the directory,

Hi David (and others)

The version I am using has an ini file called pip-02.ini containing the


I don't have to specify the processor. It remembers the last one I used.
I am not certain but I think you may also be able to force it to change
when you load your hex file if you have the following in the source:

       LIST P=16F84;  , F=INHX8M

The following sets up the configuration bits so you don't have to change
them each time:

       __CONFIG        _XT_OSC & _WDT_ON & _PWRTE_OFF & _CP_ON


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1997\03\26@020814 by David BALDWIN

Dennis Frost wrote:
{Quote hidden}

       I think we don't have the same version. I found the pip-02.ini but I
tried to force the processor,... etc but it did nothing. :(

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1997\03\26@024749 by Antti Lukats


for PIP02 users

PIP02 (latest versions at least) expects a directory

to exist, it is where the config file is created and used.
if the directory is not made, ie the original instructions
were not followed then the settings are not memorized.

it is possible to change the default directory by defining
a  environment variable STUDIODIR in autoexec.bat :


as example, then the config directory  will be

hope this helps at least with some problems.

(latest PIP02 uses MPASM supplied INC files to extract fuse
information so I hope many fuse problems are solved too.)


-- Silicon Studio Ltd.

1998\12\25@124110 by Kat Lee
picon face
First of all, Merry Christmas and a happy new year to everybody.

Secondly, I've constructed a circuit for a PIC16C84 programmer from Sam
J. Engstrom ( It uses
pip-02 program. I seem to have a problem programming although reading
from the PIC is fine. Anybody had the same trouble before and able to


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1998\12\25@235115 by Vadim Jakunin

Regard, Kat

I long used pip-02, from server paranoia,
but they there already do not live. If needed, I can throw on e-mail
working version of program and scheme. It quickly programmes (skips correct
places), but does not allow when programming to wipe protect bit.
This for me riddle.
As always, my english....
Merry Christmas and a happy new year !

{Original Message removed}

1998\12\26@102349 by Al Williams

I haven't used PIP-02 in a long time, but it seems like it really needs to
run in a plain DOS session. No Windows at all. If you are using Win95/98,
try shutdown to DOS or press F8 when booting and pick Command Prompt (or
even Safe Mode Command Prompt).

However, there is a Windows program that probably will work with your
programmer (if it is the LudiPipo-style programmer). Try If your programmer doesn't
work with this software, maybe you should switch to its hardware as it is
nothing more than 3 resistors, and some kind of 5V regulator. Takes power
right off the serial port. Very simple to build on a breadboard.

Good Luck!

Al Williams
*New: PAK-1 Floating Point Math Coprocessor for Stamps, PICs, and more.

{Original Message removed}

1999\03\26@100305 by Stan Ockers
                           Subject:                        Time:    8:59
Can someone tell me if PIP-02 programming software for PICs is still
supported.  Was there  ever a requirement for registering and a charge for
this software?  With all the recent discussion of needing an intermediate
PIC, (or something), to supply programming pulses, how does this software
manage without one?


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