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PICList Thread
'PICList Web Archive update'
1998\04\04@074342 by Alan Nickerson

The PICList Web Archive has been updated, and is in the process of being
move to a fast server on a high speed network. Only the current month access
will remain the same.

We are getting a faster Internet connection at Imaging Technology Corp.
which is where the current server is and we are upgrading our net connection
from a 28.8K to 128K ISDN. I have also decided to pay for a basic web
account at ($10.00 US, a month for unlimited space and
bandwidth) to host the archive.

Currently I have archive files from March 1996 to current. This takes about
65Meg of disk space. I am working on creating a CD-ROM of the archive. If
you have any suggestions for the CD-ROM please let me know.

Alan Nickerson

1998\04\07@031824 by frougier

what's your site address?

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1998\04\07@072152 by Alan Nickerson

The PICList Web Archive is at:

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From: Franck D Rougier <>
Date: Tuesday, April 07, 1998 3:18 AM
Subject: Re: PICList Web Archive update

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'PICList Web Archive Update'
1999\01\05@192112 by Alan Nickerson
Here is whats been happening on the PICList Web Archive.

The Webserver has been updated to Apache 1.3.3 and should be a little
faster. I found a problem with the swapping space on the server that allows
swapping the idle processes to disk.

All of the archives that I have which is from May 1996 to December 1998 are
now on-line.

You can now SEARCH the archive!!!

I also finally found a search engine for the PICList Archive and it's fast.
Querying is fast, but generating the index takes about 6 hours. Fortunately
this only needs to be done after new data has been added.

Anyway, you can do a full text search on the Archive. The results are a
little criptic right now, but I'm working on it. I need to add the Message
subject to the message page title. this involves re-generating the entire
site from the source's, and then re-indexing. After that is completed the
subject of each message in the results will be displayed.

Give it a try.

Alan Nickerson

1999\01\05@204648 by Michael J. Ghormley


You are a saint!


Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend.
Inside of a dog, it's too hard to read anyway!
                                 Groucho Marx

1999\01\05@222555 by James Cameron

Alan Nickerson wrote:
> You can now SEARCH the archive!!!

I get "&nbsp" on the search results with Netscape Communicator on Linux,
between the match number and the computed relevance.  I believe this is
incorrect HTML, as there is a semicolon missing after the nbsp.

The heading text also has it "&nbspYou may want to be more specific".

Can we have the raw files in gzip form or something to support local
caching and searching?  /piclist/picarch/ has a few files, not
compressed, but not all of them.

James Cameron                                      (

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"Specialisation is for insects." -- Robert Heinlein.

1999\01\06@074434 by nickers

if you really want them, it totals about 75 Meg uncompressed.
I do plan on putting the text files in the picarch dir. they are simply the
log files from the listserver (

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