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'PIC16C558 and user interface.'
1999\03\17@181014 by Steve Ridley


Here is a good brain teaser. I need a circuit to capture a mode set by a
user. I would like a design using minimum components and using minimum
output lines (preferably none). I could steal two outputs. I have three
spare buffered inputs.  There are six different modes and I want the mode
selected using a two way momentary contact toggle switch, so that pushing
one way goes up in mode the other way down. Each of the modes will be
indicated using a LED. I thought of using a counter, debouncing the switch
in hardware then reading the counter output. This fits my input and output
pin requirements but it seems a waste do this stuff in hardware when it is
so easy to do in software (especially debouncing). Even if I do go this way,
how do I drive the LEDs ? Sometimes I wish all chips had LED drive
capability like the PIC. I would rather do more in software and less in
hardware. Any ideas ?

Steve Ridley
Blue Ocean Telecommunications
Sydney,  Australia

1999\03\21@085059 by Stan Ockers

part 0 326 bytes
I've learned my lesson.  No more responding without proving to myself that what is suggested will actually work.

BTW I do have code that I know works.  It uses resistors, not diodes to isolate the switch from the LEDs.  I'm including it as an enclosure.

Attachment converted: wonderland:LED6.ASM (TEXT/MPS ) (0002CC0B)

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