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'PIC pirate cards (was: RE: smartcards)'
1997\02\26@100751 by Glenn Johansson

>Does anyone out there want to convert the c into whatever the smart cards
>use.  I was told that the sky cards were basicly pics????

Original SKY cards are not based on PIC and they certainly can't be easily
reprogrammed - however, almost all pirate cards for the Eurocrypt are based
on PIC16c84. Most people today use the PIC16c84 smartcard made by the major
smartcard manufacturers for hacker supply stores. The software is available
everywhere on Internet, with a built-in feature for the user to update the
encryption key in the card, using the D2MAC/Eurocrypt on-screen menus and
the satellite receiver's remote control.
There is also PIC software freely available to decode 9 Videocrypt2
channels and 2 Videocrypt1-channels. No Sky channels though. The Sky pirate
cards are expensive and based on processors with higher security than
PIC16c84, so that no competing hackers can steal the code and make their

More PIC pirate card info available on
(Note: No DSS info available!)


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