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'PIC for monitor scan rate switching ?'
1997\02\25@130206 by Mike

Would it be feasable to use a PIC (in a monitor) for scan rate switching.

I have a Hitachi HM-4119 which scans at 50 to 64Khz. I'm considering
whether to use a PIC to detect if the scan rate is outside these limits
(mostly lower) and switch the appropriate internal components in the
monitor to allow it to scan at say 30 to 40 Khz and perhaps another
setting at say 40 to 50 Khz with (of course) some hysteresis.

I would expect most muti-sync monitors use this approach already.

My CTX1760 makes a click sound when it changes frequency - is this a
set of reed relays ?

Is this how its done or is my initial approach way off ?

If worth a try, what PIC variety would be a good starting point ?



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1997\02\25@151918 by Clyde Smith-Stubbs

Thus spake Mike (spam_OUTerazmusTakeThisOuTspamWANTREE.COM.AU):

> My CTX1760 makes a click sound when it changes frequency - is this a
> set of reed relays ?

Don't know if they're reed relays or not, but most modern multisync
monitors do use relays to switch the scanning circuitry to accomodate
the very wide range of scan rates.


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