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'PIC course'
1997\01\09@082325 by eter J. (GEA, 068974 )

Sandra...welcome to the list!

       We have introduced the PIC in the A-Course here at GE.  It was geared
toward an audience having no prior exposure to PIC's (much less
microprocessors).  Our A-Course teams are composed of 3-4 people with at
least one electrical engineer per team thus we all have skills and
experience to share and contribute to solving each weeks problem.  It
was very interesting to see the mechanical engineers eyes light up when
they started to realize the capabilities of the microprocessor.
       Our project assignment was to use the PICDEM to scroll each LED in one
second increments.  When one of the switches is pressed (and released)
the scroll pattern must change to a 4x4 display....also in one second
increments.  As you can see this was simple enough for a week long
assignment, but challenging enough to force us to create status flags in
our logic.
       I can put you in touch with our instructor for the microprocessor
module to discuss his approach...if you'd like.


>I'd be very interested to hear from anyone who knows of another
>university course covering the PIC.  There will be only two
>supervised labs - so we're keeping the projects very simple.  But the
>great thing about the PIC is the low cost of development - so that
>students can buy their experimental boards for just a few U.K pounds.
>If you've heard of anything similar please let me know.

>Kind regards

1997\01\09@125431 by Ron Hackett

picon face
Hi Pete,

I work at as a microcomputer teacher in a Public school system on Long Island
(New York, USA),  and we are considering setting up an introductory micro
course for high school students.  I was wondering what written materials you
are using and whether I would be able to get copies of anything that might
help us in the planning stage.

Thanks for your help...  Ron

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