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'PIC and controlling a stepper motor'
2000\05\17@151900 by smerchock, Steve


I looked at but the search did not come up
with any answers. I also looked at the archive at Iversoft
but my search did nothing as well. What I need to do is control
a bi-polar stepper motor, fwd and rvs. Does anybody know of
information (tutorial, code examples,...etc) or has any
info that would be willing to share with me. I will
be using the ST ( and ALLEGRO) 6219 stepper motor driver
with a PIC16F874-20/P.
Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks alot!!

Best regards,

Steven Kosmerchock
Student/Father/Engineering Technician
Radio Frequency Systems
Phoenix  Arizona   USA

2000\05\17@152931 by Clark, John

This is my favorite treatment of the subject:

John Clark
Indianapolis, IN

{Original Message removed}

2000\05\17@160642 by Quitt, Walter

YIKES!  That only HALF steps.  How crude.
Currently (pun intended) I am implementing
microstepping using a pair of Allegro 3955
chips.  MUCH better....simple too.  Try them,
you'll like them.

BTW:   GL, Walt...

{Original Message removed}

2000\05\17@161314 by Quitt, Walter

Oops that went out too fast.

The Allegro Product Description explains,
in painful detail, the various stepping
modes.  For stepping and the 3955 all you
have to do is implement the tables shown
in the document.

I've also done this with a 16C65 to microstep
using high voltage, pass transistors and a
hefty resistor (NO Allegro parts.)  But that
was inefficient.

It is also described, I believe, in some App Notes
at the MChip site.


{Original Message removed}

2000\05\17@172520 by jamesnewton

face picon face
looked pretty good

James Newton (PICList Admin #3) 1-619-652-0593
PIC/PICList FAQ: or .org

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