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'PIC Vref Question.'
1998\11\04@133908 by Steven Kosmerchock

I decided to try and use the comparator and voltage reference and am having some
difficulties. I am looking at the "Mid-Range MCU Family Reference Manual" at th
e Vref section page 19-4. Question: There are two formulas given to find the val
ue of VR3-VR0,do you convert the answer to BCD from decimal. If so, I am not get
ting an answer I expect.

Ex. Vref=1.25Vdc
Formula=(1.25/5)*24=6   ***should be 0 according to the table!!***
In the manual it says to get a value of 1.25 you clear VR3-VR0.

I'm confused?? Am I totally lost or is it a simple thing that I'm missing??  Hop
e somebody can clear this up for me!!!

                       THANKS :)
                       Best regards,

Steven Kosmerchock

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