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'PIC Micro'
1999\03\03@164007 by Seth C. Nelson

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Hi guys,

       i am a newbie at pic'n so i need some help with seemingly basic
stuff.  first of all, have any of you ever heard of or bought a pic
programmer from DIY called the PIC16PRO?  it is a printer port programmer
that can program most serial PICs.  i was wondering if any of you [experts]
know if i need any special software to program it.  i do have
microEngineering Labs PICBasic Pro compiler, MPLAB, MPASM and i wish to know
if these will work with the PIC16PRO.  i also would like to know if any of
you know of how to connect a crystal to the clock pins to provide the right
pulses (can i use just a crystal?).  Thank you in advance. :-)

Seth C. Nelson
Web Developer/
Windows Programmer

UIN (ICQ#): 32616325

1999\03\03@170714 by Clark, John

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I can direct you to the data sheets for crystal configurations -- they are
very clear.  They even give actual vendor part numbers for various tested
crystals.  Although, you might just want to get a TTL clock crystal as they
are even easier to implement.  I can give you specific links to the DigiKey
website if you would like.

John Clark, Software Engineer
(317) 715-8175

Interactive Intelligence, Inc.
3500 DePauw Blvd., Suite 1060
Indianapolis, IN  46268-1136

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1999\03\03@182758 by Seth C. Nelson

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I would like that very much. Thanks.  :-)

Seth C. Nelson
Web Developer/
Windows Programmer

UIN (ICQ#): 32616325
{Original Message removed}

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