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PICList Thread
1999\04\12@164408 by Richard Martin

picon face
There are frequent requests for a PIC FAQ, but my recent
experience with several FAQs is troubling. Often they
are an attempt to be 'all you need to know if you won't
read the relevant manuals, from my <the authors'> point of
view'. More useful to me (in PIC-land and elsewhere) would
be a list of 'gotchas': things mis- or under- documented;
or generally useful but subtle tricks of the trade. With careful
titleing it could be easily seachable and not include all
the 'the following five lines of code don't work, why??' threads.
These latter are important but not to 'gotcha' searches.

Having jumped on the soapbox, it occured to me that I look
at PICList as the 'xxx' section in my local bookstore. I go
there to keep up to date on an area of interest. Or to find
information on specific new or potential areas of interest.
I find some vaquely misfiled [OT] books, some of which of
of great interest anyway. Sometimes there is clearly misplaced
stuff, sometimes someone has deliberately stuck some (e.g. religious
tracts) among the stuff to 'spam me'. But what may be important
in this analogy is the (tho' often totally misleading) attempt to
describe the proper 'audience' on the book cover: i.e
"Beginner" ,"Expert" , "General Knowledge". If we could do
something like this it would help sort the 'newbie' questions
from the more arcane stuff, if only to allow defering the
'help the newbies' sessions for a time when we aren't
desperately seeking a solution for the present moments' crisis.

Any ideas???


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