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'PC serial port communication program'
1999\02\10@010521 by Wagner Lipnharski

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Hello members, I just put available as freeware a new
  PC DOS software (only 1536 bytes) that allows you to
  "copy" a file to the communication port COM1, 2, 3, 4
  at speeds of 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, specified at the
  command line fashion.  It checks RS232 lines as CTS
  and DSR, if they are down it just inform the user but
  it doesn't stop the file transfer.  It is pretty nice
  to test microcontroller communication software, or
  just to transfer some file, even to print to serial
  printers.  I doesn't use other RS232 lines than TX
  and ground, so a simple two wire cable does the trick.

  This was exactly the reason to produce this software,
  since the traditional DOS command COPY /B file COM1:
  doesn't transfer if DSR or CTS is down, and you need
  to set the port speed before issue the copy command.

  DOS command line is   COPY2COM FILENAME.EXT /PS
  where P is the port as A,B,C,D for COM1,2,3,4
  and S is the speed as 1,2,4,9 for 1200,2400,4800,9600.

  Program:  COPY2COM.EXE - size 1536 bytes, feb 09 1999.

  Download it from  8051-files button.

  Have fun,

  Wagner Lipnharski
  UST Research Inc

1999\02\10@085944 by PDRUNEN

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In a message dated 99-02-10 01:05:25 EST, you write:

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Will this work on winNT verison 4.0?

1999\02\10@101218 by Wagner Lipnharski

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Man... I don't know.  I have problems even to make
  it works fine under Windows95/98 DOS partition...
  that insist in change some port lines from time
  to time without any reason.  Also, a time dependent
  program running in a Windows DOS partition will
  always suffer because the Windows timeshare. Up to
  now the only way (that I know) to avoid any Windows
  interference problems is run the machine in pure
  DOS or reboot the machine in DOS only.

  If any of you know how to control it make Windows
  keep quiet during a Windows DOS partition program
  is running ... I would like to know, and would
  appreciate so much the help.

  Wagner Lipnharski
  UST Research Inc.

> Will this work on winNT verison 4.0?

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