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'PADS routing question'
1997\03\01@230225 by Bob Segrest

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Hi Bob,

The version of PADS seems to be pretty stupid when it comes to routing
ground and +5V lines.  It seems like it is trying to route the board the
way I drew the schematic rather than making rational choices like where is
the nearest source.  While I have been able to move a net that connects two
points, I have not been able to figure out how one disconnects a net and
reconnects it somewhere else.

If you could tell me what I am missing here or give me a couple of
pointers, I would really appreciate the help.

Bob Segrest

1997\03\01@235631 by Bob Blick

Hi Bob,

You sent the message to the piclist, but I might as well reply here :-)

That ancient version of PADS doesn't automatically pick the shortest route,
you have to do a "minimize length" command, and I'm not sure which menu
that's from. I have the users guides for the old versions, but they are
buried somewhere in my office. I'm pretty sure it is a menu item, and not a
modeless command, so you can probably find it easily.


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