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'P16PRO (ver 3.01b) Low cost Pic programmer'
1997\02\04@185321 by Bojan Dobaj


You can find the new version of P16PRO low cost PIC programmer
for middle range MICROCHIP microcontrollers at address (URL)    - P16PR301.ZIP

With P16PRO following devices can be programmed by now:

PIC14000, PIC16C554, PIC16C556, PIC16C558, PIC16C61, PIC16C62, PIC16C62A,
PIC16CR62, PIC16C63, PIC16C64, PIC16C64A, PIC16CR64, PIC16C65, PIC16C65A,
PIC16C620, PIC16C621, PIC16C622, PIC16C710, PIC16C71, PIC16C711, PIC16C72,
PIC16C73, PIC16C73A, PIC16C74, PIC16C74A, PIC16F83, PIC16CR83, PIC16C84,
         PIC16F84, PIC16CR84, PIC16C923 and PIC16C924

and you can simply add new devices by changing DEVICE.INI file:
(you must enter program size, data size, fuses type and algorithm type)

You can use different hardware schemes with P16PRO (e.g. David Tait's...).

P16PRO supports now two programming voltages (for 18 and for 40 (28) PIN PICs).

Please take a look and send me your comments.

Bojan Dobaj

1997\02\09@213712 by Sarunas Cepulis

Bojan Dobaj wrote:
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> Please take a look and send me your comments.
> Bojan Dobaj
> Slovenia
I can't download Yours software because my browser can't find end....
I'am downloading file & this wait at 99% until "socked no....."
My browser is NS3.0 .
P.S. if You can download it for me via e-mail ?????
I'am have many ideas on MOTOROLA mContrs.
(included amagn. hacking)

1997\02\10@222008 by David Nicholls

Some of you may be having trouble as I did Downloading this software from
the site in Slovenia.
If this is the case you may now download it from a WORKING mirror in
Ireland. Bojan has agreed to allow me to mirror the software and it may be
obtained at the following url
       If you have any problems connecting to this site please mail me.


P.S. This site should be quite a bit faster for most users.

On Mon, 10 Feb 1997, Sarunas Cepulis wrote:

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