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PICList Thread
'Option 1: Getting off the list.'
1997\03\14@231406 by Don McKenzie

Jean U. Millien wrote:
> Fabrmcio Goetz wrote:
> >
> > MICHEAL SMITH wrote:

Now that's a lot of wrotes!!!!!!

{Quote hidden}

> > > find a way out, please E-mail me with the answer.....
> > > Mike Smith
> >         Dear Mike,
>         I am also trying to get off from this list for about three
months now.
> > If you succeed on getting off please tell me how you did.
> >                 Fabricio Goetz
Why the heck is it so difficult to get off the list?
> Is there anybody watching for UNSUBSCRIBE messages. I need to get off
> too, but the system ignores me...
> JeanM

Have any of you done this?

Print an Ascii dump of your messages returned by the list. Check the
email address that is subscribed. If you have Email aliases or multiple
addresses, you will have to unsubscribe using that address.

I use netscape mailer. In my mail preferences, I can change my Email
address identity to if I wish. (perhaps I will soon)

I'm sure any decent mailer program will have a similar setup.
You need to:

A) Find out what E-mail address is subscribed to the list that is
causing you the problem. (A full Ascii dump of the header of the message
will do this)

B) Unsubscribe using that address.

C) Make sure you send the unsubscribe message to the list server, not
the piclist.

I sent a similar message of assistance only yesterday to this list.

Now, once again, have any of you done this?


Don McKenzie

Send a blank message to for more info.
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