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PICList Thread
'Optimizing assemblers'
1997\04\29@155602 by Frank Vorstenbosch

> Date:    Mon, 28 Apr 1997 17:23:28 -0400
> From:    Richard Katezansky <spam_OUTtangentTakeThisOuTspamDSUPER.NET>
> Subject: Re: Help with long call
> If you know the call is within the current page use a regular CALL.
> However if you know the call is beyond the page boundary use the LCALL and
> We know the Parallax assembler is not optimizing but then neither is MPASM.

I've been developing several assemblers (available on various sites, look
for AS??_111.ZIP) and was thinking of doing one for the PICs.  The new
release of these will actually all be more optimizing than before, and this
should extend nicely to the PICs and their baroque jump/call calling

I'm expecting the new batch in a month or two (sorry, I'm doing this in my
spare time), including Z8, 8048, 8051, Z80, 6502, 6809, 6802, 6811 and Java.
Doing an extra one for the PIC16Cxx shouldn't be a problem, so if you're all
kind and supportive I'll do that one as well.
In this new version I'm also removing an artificial limit of 64KB on
the size of all segments (code+data+bss) which means that a 17Cxx version
could be made as well.  I'll do an 68HC12 and HC16 version before that,


1997\04\29@164357 by Andy Kunz

>I've been developing several assemblers (available on various sites, look
>for AS??_111.ZIP) and was thinking of doing one for the PICs.  The new

Very interesting, Frank.  I'd love to see one for the PIC, and I'll have to
skulk around to find some of the others.

What is your distribution method?  Shareware?

If you keep a list of interested parties, I sure would like to be on it.


Andy Kunz - Montana Design - 409 S 6th St - Phillipsburg, NJ 08865 USA
             Electronics for Industry & R/C Hobbyists
        "Go fast, turn right, and keep the wet side down!"

1997\04\29@181245 by wft


I look forward to seeing the results of your effort.  What language are
you writing the assemblers in and what platforms support them?

Gus Calabrese
WFT Electronics
Gus Calabrese      303 321-1119......voicemail
Lola Montes        1799 Uinta Street   Denver, CO 80220
EMERGENCY:   791 High Street     Estes Park, CO  80517
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