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'OT - Do you know about ERU? (For Win95 users (blus'
1998\04\03@060817 by Russell McMahon

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Not a PIC matter but for those of you who use Windoze 95, if
you don't know about "ERU" this should make your PICing
(wouldn't you pronounce that pice-ing? :-)) much more
pleasant when things go aft aglae, as they are won't to do.

I mention this here as my metaphorical life (and literal
sanity) has been saved many times by ERU. I find many don't
know about it and if you use WIN95 and don't know ERU you

ERU is a registry backup program found on the Win95 CD. It
doesn't load when you install WIN95 and is unknown to many
W95 users. It is found in (\OTHER\MISC\ERU) - it allows you
to copy all essential WIN95 files to a backup subdirectory -
copy the ERU folder to C:\ or similar.

You can save backups direct to floppy but usually saves to
HDD are adequate. Using ERU EVERY time before a change to
software ot a hardware install allows you to (usually) back
out again when things go wrong.

At the price (free) its an absolute bargain.
For the Windozely challenged I have all ERU files and a
slightly extended help file in a ZIP which I can email you
(50KB) but please only ask if you can't do it yourself. Mail
me, not the list.


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