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'OT: 8052 simulator needed'
1999\02\24@182349 by Madis Kaal

I'm looking for free 8052 simulator, the best I have so far is an
ancient DOS version of HiTech 8051 simulator, it does not even
allow data memory addresses over 127.

Better yet, mayone someone already has a piece of 8051 ASM code that
converts BASIC-52 floating point number to 32-bit integer?

FYI, I am able to talk to the IDE drive, and read data off it using
BASIC, but BASIC-52 is slooowww... There is a painful price you pay
for floating point. So I am going to implement disk access (read,
write, etc.) in machine code helper functions callable from BASIC.
Other than it's sluggish speed, and very rudimentary string support
BASIC-52 is fun, mostly because 32K of RAM, complemented with 16K of
token space in ROM just allows you to do more.

600MB hard disk for this kind of hardware is a mindboggling figure,
for example if you have a data logging application that writes 32 bytes
of data every minute, 600 megs will last for 38 years!

You can check out the progress of my pet project at

1999\02\27@212907 by PDRUNEN

picon face
For a really good 8052 simulator, check out

1999\02\28@161948 by Madis Kaal

>For a really good 8052 simulator, check out

You mean this 'really good' simulator that says it's expried right
after you install it, and does not even have a code window?

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