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'ORCAD memory'
1999\04\07@103045 by Jochen Feldhaar

I could not reach you privately, so here goes...
<< donning flame suit >>

---------------------- Weitergeleitet von Jochen Feldhaar/HGDE/DETEKTOR am
07.04.99 16:32 ---------------------------

Jochen Feldhaar
07.04.99 16:29

Thema: ORCAD memory

Hello Harrison,

perhaps we have a little misunderstanding in the way you interpret the word
"memory". Because I always used ORCAD too, I know.

The memory referred to by the program is the BASE memory below the 640K
barrier. So you might have a problem with the way WINDOWS uses (or
simulates) the base memory. I can't run it on a W95 machine because of
this. On my home machine running under DOS 6.2, it works just like a

Hope this helps,

Jochen Feldhaar DH6FAZ

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